We’ve been listening to your input on what Stretch Goals you would like to see, and we have adjusted our plans accordingly. Future Stretch Goals will be announced as we solidify our plans, but we can announce that at the $25K level of funding we are adding the FREE Pinkerton Government Services Official File on the Spellbook!

$25,000 – Pinkerton Government Services Official File


What is this file you ask?

In general – This is a custom printed prop folder filled with loose pages analyzing the content of the spell book. It will have the look of a rough document from a fictional government organization with handwritten and typewriter typed commentary (Not a font. I actually bought a manual typewriter for this)

For those getting a book – It will translate all the Latin text, and all the R’lyehian text, while also interpreting a few of the diagram or mystical symbol pages. It will cover 30 of the interior book pages (mostly from the Ancient section). There will still be a few untranslated pages in the book in other languages, but the Latin and R’lyehian will all be translated.

For those getting a game and not the book – Each of these pages in the file can be used as a prop in a game to reference a book, even if you don’t have the book physically on hand, and make a great addition to either a Table Top or LARP scenario.

$30,000 – More Pages to the Pinkerton File!

The Pinkerton Sketch Files and a 200+ word dictionary of R’lyehian! The game rule book already contains all of the Pinkerton Sketch files, but many of them are 1/4 page size. We will reprint them here as full-size individual pages.



However, since that is not new content, merely higher quality content, we will also be adding a printed 200+ word R’lyehian ancient language dictionary in a short academic paper as well.

R’lyehian (or Cthuvian) is the language used in this famous quote

“ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn.”

which translates into

“In his house at R’lyeh, dead Cthulhu waits dreaming.”

Most R’lyehian (or Cthuvian) dictionaries online have approximately 86 words translated from the language originally created by H.P. Lovecraft. I’ve taken those dictionaries and expanded them to 200+ words by taking a logical look at the syntax and using that to build new words. For example

  • ep = after
  • hai = now
  • Therefore ephai = Later (literally “after now”)
  • If you add agl which = place
  • Then ephaiagl = Future (literally “place in the after now”)

With this as a guide, I was able to more than double the existing vocabulary without having to create anything wholesale.

NOTE: Stretch goals apply only to pledge levels of $45 and higher. We will continue to add more stretch goals as we unlock the current ones. The Lovecraft based Spell Book and RPG just got more interesting…

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