New Book Kickstarter begins July 17th Monday night / Tuesday morning at 1 minute after midnight, CST!!

It’s time for a new book, and with it, a new Kickstarter…

So, Monday night, at one minute after midnight (making it technically Tuesday morning), we will launch the Kickstarter for the new Spell Book, “The Book of Nine Scribes.”  While I am saying Monday night, it will technically be 17July2018 at 00:01.  We’re including a few limited number early bird specials, and I’m pretty excited about the add-on options we’re going to have available for stretch goals.

Click here for more details… https://yog.sothothery.com/book-of-nine-scribes/

Woo-hoo! Stretch Goal UNLOCKED!!

It is now official, everyone pledging at the $45 level or higher will now be getting a free color PDF copy of the spell book so they could print out their own scrolls, separate pages, and other options as props in games or just to have around.

I am extremely excited and grateful to all backers out there that we made it this far, and look forward to seeing you at the next stretch goal!